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          Over the summer. my family took a trip to Icelto see the natural beauty of it. Little did I 21 I would wake up one morning to have my eyes swelled up(腫脹)like balloons! I was frigbtened, So many questions were 22 through my head. Am I allergic(過敏的)to something? Was there some Icelandic discase that I 23 ?The only help I received was some allergy medicine 24 a clinic nearby. Nothing Was working.

          When the trip was over,I went to see my doctor, She gave me eye drops, but clearly they weren't worth the time or 25 the swelling got worse worse.

          I finally decided that it would be best for me to 26 being so sad take it easy havefun. It was summer after all.I had a fun night with my friends as if nothing was 27 .The next morning I woke up went to 28 how swollen my eyes were,only to find myself 29 at my normal face, It was a miracle(奇跡).I 30 asking myself why I hadn't done that earlier. Was being with my friends having fun really the 31 to my problem?

          To this day I still do not know what I had,32 do any of the many doctors that I 33 during the summer, I would really like to go back to Icelto see the Northern Lights, 34 I am very much frightened that I am just allergic to the country. I hope I never 35 having such terrible swelling in my eyes ever again.

          21. A. know B. doubt C.insist D. fear

          22.A.cutting B.going C.pulling D.hurrying

          23. A. caused B. fought C.caught D. treated

          24. A. on B. from C. with D.to

          25. A. pain B. adventure C. weight D.money

          26. A. tnr B. mind C. prefer D. stop

          27. A. fair B. mistaken C. similar D. wrong

          28. A. check B. explain C. describe D. mark.I

          29. A. aiming B. looking C. waving D. pointing

          30. A. missed B. kept C. regretted D. excused

          31. A. way B. relation C. answer D. dewgtion

          32. A. neither B. none C. either D. no

          33. A. hated B. employed C. disappointed D. visited

          34. A. so B.or C. but D. for

          35. A. finish B. forgive C. experience D. consider




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