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          Packaging is a very important form of advertising. A package can sometimes motivate people to buy products. For example, a little child might ask for a breakfast food contained in a box with a picture of a TV character. The child is more interested in the picture than in breakfast food. Pictures for children to color or cut out, games printed on a package, or a small gift inside a box also motivate many children to buy products - or to ask their parents to buy for them.

          Some packages suggest that a buyer will get something for nothing. Food products sold in reusable containers are examples of this. Although a similar product in plain container might cost less, people often prefer to buy the product in a reusable glass or dish, because they believe the container is free. However, the cost of the container is added to the cost of the product.

          The size of a package also motivates a buyer. Maybe the package has "Economy Size" or "Family Size" printed on it. This suggests that the larger size has the most product for the least money. But that is not always true. To find it out, a buyer has to know how the product is sold and the price of the basic unit.

          The information on the package should provide some answers. But the important thing for any buyer to remember is that a package is often an advertisement. The words and pictures do not tell the whole story. Only the product inside can do that.

          1. "A buyer will get something for nothing" in paragraph 2 may probably mean _____.

          A) a buyer will not get what he pays for

          B)a buyer will get more than what he pays for

          C) a buyer will get something useful free of charge

          D) a buyer will get more but pay less

          【答案精解】A. 推理題。這句話的意思是“有的購買者買一件東西,卻什么也不圖。”隱藏的意思是他們只看包裝不看實物,是物非所值的購物方式。只有選項A是表達的這種意思,其他幾個選項意思近似。

          2. From the pasage we know the buyer pays more attention to _____.

          A) the size of a container

          B) a container with attractive picture

          C) a well-designed container

          D) a plain container with low cost

          【答案精解】C. 推理題。整篇文章講的是包裝就是廣告。包裝誘惑人進行購買,為什么人們會購買呢,主要是因為人們對好的包裝感興趣,通常認為他們是免費的。

          3. What suggestion does the writer give in the passage?

          A) It's not good to buy the product which is sold in a glass or dish.

          B) The quality of a container has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

          C) The best choice for a buyer is to buy a product in a plain package.

          D) A buyer should buy what he needs most rather than a well-designed package.

          【答案精解】D. 推理題。最后一段,作者提示讀者The words and pictures do not tell the whole story. Only the product inside Call do that.也就是說不要太相信廣告詞和圖,要看產品本身。

          4. Which of the following sentences is NOT true according to the passage?

          A) In fact glasses or dishes used for packaging do not cost money at all.

          B)“Family Size”printed on the package means that it is rather economic.

          C) To a child, even to an adult, the form is far more important than the content.

          D) Words and pictures written on the package are thought to be an advertisement.

          【答案精解】A. 判斷題。第二段最后一句However,the cost of the container is added to the cost of the product,說明所有包裝的成本都是算入產品價格的,選項A說包裝的玻璃碟子不花錢,這是不正確的。

          5. What do you think is the best title for the passage?

          A) How to Package a Product.

          B) How to Make an Advertisement.

          C) How to Sell Product.

          D) How to Attract More Buyers.

          【答案精解】A. 主旨題。本文是講包裝讓購物者產生購物沖動的問題,它包含了兩層意思,一是對于消費者來說,要注意不要只看包裝不看內容;二是對于賣家來說,就是要注意如何包裝產品了。因此A更符合這篇文章的標題。




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